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Airline Storage


UCH wish to take this opportunity to re-iterate to you all that UCH will not be liable for airline storage charges incurred as a result of circumstances outwith our control

Examples of such circumstances are as follows – please note this is not an exhaustive list:

  •  Parking – As we enter the busy season airlines can become very congested and parking is not always possible despite us sending a vehicle to collect the freight as requested before midnight. It is not uncommon for our vehicles to be driving around the airline sheds looking for a parking bay for up to 60 mins before we are able to check into the airline.  This can give the impression we were late for collection when in fact we were on site before our deadline and no storage should be applicable.  In such circumstances you will be advised on the following days manifest.
  • Airline refusal to load – Whilst every effort is made to accommodate all collections received we are very much at the mercy of the airlines and how they load our vehicles.  Based on the information provided by you, the Customer, we send the appropriate vehicle to accommodate the weight to be collected.  On occasion though the airlines may refuse to load freight to our vehicle due for several reasons which can include:
    • Incorrect details provided by Customer with regards to dims / weight of freight to be collected
    • Airline refusing to load the vehicles in a manner which utilises the full load capacity of the vehicle
  • Airline IT issues – Not allowing us to book in before midnight.
  • Incorrect information received from Customer.  It is very important you provide as much information as possible when sending us collection details.  Pieces, weight, dimensions are all required to ensure we are able to accommodate your requests.

 I would also like to remind you all that the trunker service is very much dependant on the freight returning from the airlines at a reasonable hour.

 Whilst every effort is made to plan the airline collections to maximise the chances of the freight returning in time to meet the trunker deadlines it is possible that the freight will need to be moved over to meet the following days trunker if returning from the airline late.

 As we approach the busy period we would appreciate your understanding and assure you that we will do all we can to accommodate your requests but, in the unlikely event we are unable to, we will advise you as soon as possible.